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Frequently Asked Questions

What's RentCompass?

RentCompass is rental directory search service that is available on the web and the mobile phone. We are Canada's first mobile listing service for rental properties.

How can I advertise my rental property on RentCompass?

Click on Post Free Ads tab on our website to advertise your property for free.

How much does it cost to list my rental property?

Individual landlords and real estate agents can list one rental property for free. Multi-residential owners and Property Managers are required to sign up for a property manager account that allows posting more than one ad.

Can I give my rental more exposure on RentCompass?

Of course! Simply upgrade your ad to a featured rental listing and your listing will gain more exposure.

We are a Large property management company/multi-family rental community owner how can we list our properties on RentCompass?

You can list your properties on RentCompass for a small fee, you can learn more about our service for property managers.

I would like to advertise my company or business on RentCompass, how can I do that?

We support both banner advertising and advertising on our mobile applications. Please contact us to learn more about advertising your business with RentCompass.

How many properties can I advertise?

Individual landlords can post one free rental ad but you can only use the phone number in the contact info. If you post a premium ad ($9.99 fees apply) you can use your email in the ad. There are no limits to the number of properties Large landlords can post, however; there are monthly fees associated with that.

I have submitted a property, but I can't see it on the website?

Properties are listed on our website and mobile application as soon as they are approved. Depending on the system load, it may take few hours to maximum of one business day to approve listings. Once approved, it will be available through our apartment rentals search page and on our apartment rentals mobile application.

My property has been rented, what should I do?

From the My Account page you can either:
  1. Delete your ad so it no longer shows in our listings.
  2. Deactivate your ad so it no longer shows in our listings but you can later reactivate the same ad when the rental property becomes vacant.

What if I forgot to add some details to my listing or I needed to change the listing price?

You can change listing details as many times as you'd like. If the listing has been approved already, the previous details will continue to show until the new changes are approved.

What mobile devices do you support?

Currently we support the iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and Google Android. Visiting our website from a browser enabled phone (like the BlackBerry) will redirect to our mobile website which is optimized for mobile devices. We are currently working on adding mobile apps for other mobile devices.

I don't see any listings in my area?

We are growing fast and working hard to add listings in many towns and cities across Canada.

Do I need to register for an account?

Searching for rentals does not require registration, however registering for an account allows saving searches so that they can be run at a later time.
To advertise a rental property, you will need to register an account. RentCompass makes advertising rentals simple by combining the registration and listing services process so it can all be done at once.