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RentCompass Facebook App for Landlords
Figure #1
RentCompass Facebook App for Property Managers

Facebook App for Property Managers

The RentCompass Facebook App, the first Canadian apartment rentals app on Facebook, allows tenants to search for rentals while they are still on Facebook, they can also share postings with their friends, and ask them for opinion, message them or chat with them about neighbourhoods.

But instead of limiting the Facebook App to our listings, we built this app specifically for other Property Managers and landlords to showcase their own properties into their Facebook pages. There are few basic setup steps required to get going, you just need to let us know about your Facebook page, and comply with some branding requirements, then your own Facebook app can be up and running in no time!

Are you interested? Intrigued? Just let us know.... we are always here to help!

How does it work?

Apartment Search App Rental Apartments On Facebook
Very simple, really! You just need to:
  • Let us know so we can enable your listings to be shown on your page
  • Add the app to your Facebook page by clicking the "Add To Page" button above
  • A new tab will show up inside your Facebook page as show on Figure #1
  • You can customize this tab by adding a different icon and a tab name.
  • Clicking this tab would show all of your listings within your Facebook page, similar to how the The RentCompass Facebook App would show the listings
  • Add the app badge on your website.